inkgrieving asked:
You speak Arabic?

My two best mates growing up are. One is Egyptian and the other is Lebanese/Palestinian. Thanks for the ask :)
- DQ

Over You

Did you still love her
After you kissed me
Did you think about her
After you looked into me?
Tomorrow when you wake
I won’t be there
And neither will she.

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Only Human

I actually cared about you…
More than you’d ever live to know.
Those were the first words I heard
When we were young & disturbed.
Dumb yet unhurt & stumped in a herd
Aging with meaningless growth.
Dare I question the cries
That reside behind the eyes of this pride
Flocks of mysterious entities battle to define a moment in time.
Brutality’s finest mammoths, paving the ground that fear the overwhelming.
Overwhelm him. Overwhelm sin.
Choosing a lesser evil just to be justified.
Demons hath no power amongst mortals such as I.
You do not test what you can not surpass.
God has no rights for the underclass.
I am not eternal, but I am limitless.
We are entities judged by decisions
& Death is our witness.

F#!% Off

A stranger stood by me at the bus stop the other night.
He asked me, “Why do you look so dark in the light?”
I stared at him with distaste, ready to retaliate, & dictate his curiosity.
I had retort with such force
That the source of his course of action stopped
Only slightly
With an almighty breath & an already lit cigarette-I blew out hot air.


Do not start writing because
The boy you like writes too
Don’t write because
You want to be like someone else
Write because you feel like
You could be anyone else
You weren’t born in the right generation
And you love yourself
Enough to accept that
You are not anyone else
Not because you are still searching for you
But because sometimes
Even gods need to escape themselves

On The Fence

I mean… You truly were
An untouched field full of
Life and beauty and I
Could not find it in myself to
Walk through you without leaving
An imprint behind
So I stood there
On the wrong side of the right fence
Adoring the f*** out of you

"You get me higher than a blunt filled with stars."